We have been running for a considerable time an online advertising and information website. During the course of this operation we have amassed a great deal of information about companies, businesses,

tradespeople and professionals in the areas in which we operate, as well as acquiring a great deal of expertise in the use of online marketing tools. Our purpose in setting up FOURSIGHT is to put this knowledge to use to bring the two together and save much time, effort and expense for all parties who join us.


  • Companies and Businesses requiring work and alterations will contact us with the details. We will then pass these on to everyone on the list we hold of relevant tradespeople or professionals: if interested they will then be required to contact the advertiser within 24 hours. The advertiser and the selected recipient will then come together to seal the deal.  You will readily realise that this brings the following benefits:

  • Minimal Wasted time for both parties

  • For Companies much greater access to Traders in their areas

  • Traders can quote for ALL work that becomes available

  • Complete control of the situation for both parties - we merely introduce them

  • A speedy resolution of the situation


Linking companies to a relevant workforce

Linking tradespeople to jobs

Mail merges for companies and tradespeople

Linking clients to our advertising sites


We are incredibly flexible and have the ability to turn our hand to a number of projects as requested by  our clients. This is an innovative project and we are expecting that there will be developments that will take us into new fields and different directions



We have been servicing clients both large and small  in advertising and information fields in various areas of this country and abroad for some time. Forced into new areas by the recent lockdown problems we have been seeking new ways to utilise the information and expertise at our disposal



Telephone: 075 957 26813